OctaFX Cashback - OctaFX Rebate up to $5/lot save your money

OctaFX Cashback - OctaFX Rebate up to $5/lot save your money

The OctaFX rebate program is for returning the spread that you paid to the broker when opening or closing the order. OctaFX cashback is designed for traders who want to save money on their trading costs.

We offer 60% of the IB commission as OctaFX Cashback. For MT4, this gives $3 to $4 per lot. For MT5, it gives $2 to $3.5 per lot.

you will not charged any extra spread or extra commission. it’s as usual. you will get Cashback on every lot you trade loss or profit. how to eligible for OctaFX Forex cashback.

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👉 Get Your Rebate Now 

Earn additional funds for each lot you trade with our OctaFX rebate program, which offers up to 60% cashback. This rebate is given automatically and paid out on a weekly basis. 

👉 Best Highest OctaFX Rebate 

👉 IB level also Highest 

👉 OctaFX Rebate Period For Pay: Weekly

👉 Rebate Pay in E-Wallets 

👉 Rebate Pay on Every Monday

👉 Never Increase the spread 

👉 No Hidden Fees 

   OctaFX Cashback Terms and Conditions

  • The smallest gap between opening and closing prices is 3 pips (30 points for 5 digits). Orders must be open for at least 180 seconds before closing.

How to Get OctaFX Cashback

How to Get OctaFX Cashback

For New Account


Click the “Open New OctaFX Account” Button given below


Email us at [email protected] with your account, name, and E-wallet details to get your cashback.


after sending the email wait for confirmation of approval within 5 hours. once it’s approved. you can trade and get your rebates every Monday.

For Exiting Accounts

If you are already Registered with OctaFX


Click the “IB Change Request” Button given below


Login to your Personal Area.


Fill out the form like below.

–>> New IB Partner: 672108
–>> Reason: I would like to be under this IB. I am getting help from this IB.

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After Filling out the IB Change form please Submit it and wait until your request is accepted by OctaFX. It may take 2-3 days.


Once your IB is changed, email us at [email protected]. Include your trading account, name, and E-wallet details in the email. This will enable us to process your cashback.


if you have any questions about changing IB. don’t hesitate please contact us



Full rebate of up to 60% of our IB commission


Full rebate of up to 60% of our IB commission
Did you know that you can save money from your every trade?
Save money with OctaFX Cashback. Save Cost of Forex Trading.
Account TypeRebate Rate
MT4 Account

EURUSD : $4 USD per lot

GBPUSD : $4 USD per lot

XAUUSD : $4 USD per lot

MT5 Account

EURUSD : $3.5 USD per lot

GBPUSD : $3.5 USD per lot

How to Save Forex Costs on Your Trading Using the OctaFX Rebate program provided by findforexbroker.com.

It’s crucial for forex traders to ensure they’re reaping the rewards of their trading expertise. This is not only for taking profitable trades, It’s also for saving money on your trading costs. if you also want to save your money, which you give to the broker as for spread? We have the best way to save your forex cost through our OctaFX rebate program.

OctaFX provides forex trading services with competitive conditions such as narrow spreads and speedy execution, all without commission fees. Active traders can also reduce their spread cost and save money. The OctaFX Forex rebate program can be useful in saving your money.

Our OctaFX Cashback program will allow you to earn cashback on your every trade. You will earn cashback on both trading platforms. For Metatrader4, it’s $3 to $4 per lot, and for Metatrader5, it’s $2 to $3.5 per lot. This is best for every forex trader, especially for high-volume traders who make a lot of trades each month.

To Get OctaFX Cashback you need to Open OctaFX Account using our unique referral link. When you Open an Account with OctaFX using our unique referral link.

you will be eligible to earn Cashback from our OctaFX Cashback Program. Send an email with account number, name, and E-wallet details after opening the account to add to the Rebates List. 

Email at [email protected]

Our OctaFX Cashback Program is the Best way to save your money from broker’s costs. the program is transparent and simple. it’s very beneficial for traders. So, if you are finding for a reliable broker with the Best cashback program, OctaFX is the right option for you.

What is OctaFX Cashback?

OctaFX Cashback is a unique program offered by Findforexbroker.com. By partnering with OctaFX Cashback, you gain access to exclusive rebates on your trading volume. The OctaFX Rebate program allows you to earn a percentage of the spread charged by OctaFX on each trade you execute on any trading platforms.

OctaFX Rebate Benefits

You can earn more than your profit with our OctaFX Rebate Program. you will get a rebate on every trade you close in profit or loss. We will give you the best and highest rebates on your every trade.


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